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Nurse Practitioner

Lea Wood, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Lea Wood began her nursing career 23 years ago as an RN in the Emergency Room. After two years and following the birth of her first son, she felt drawn to Labor and Delivery. There she found a passion for women’s health and spent 18 years empowering women and being part of their birth and post-partum experience. She became a board certified Lactation Consultant and taught breast-feeding, infant care, and childbirth classes.

Her passion for patient advocacy and health led her to become an Adult-Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner from the University of Texas at Arlington.

For the past five years, Lea has sought out education and research to guide and treat patients with optimal aging therapies, peptides, supplements, and bioidentical hormones. Her excitement for natural health is palpable and has created a following of patients and colleagues alike.

During off hours, you will most likely find Lea at the beach or in her backyard. She loves to spend time in nature cycling, gardening, body surfing, and hiking with her husband and her two college sons.

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